• where download fEDI-vers.-5.0-Docs².tar.gz to MacOS


    Description: Docs Squared, LLC; Docs²; Business; Word Processing; 25190 KB

    ‼ Docs² vers 5.0

    Get Docs² for everything you need to begin quickly creating Microsoft Office docs! Work smarter with great videos to guide you through the essentials, a convenient document browser to edit and share files online with your favorite apps, plus free templates to help you create beautiful docs. All together in the smartest bundle for Microsoft Office! Features: - Explore the essentials of Microsoft Office with helpful videos & content to guide you. - Create and share docs online with convenient shortcuts for your favorite Office apps, including: - Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook, OneNote & OneDrive. - Discover free templates to create beautiful documents. - Save your favorite docs in OneDrive to work with other apps and devices. Quickly learn to: - Create Word, Excel and PowerPoint documents. - Update your calendar and manage mail with Outlook. - Edit and add comments to documents. - Save, print, publish and share documents. - Add charts, pictures, animations and effects. - Insert a table of contents, headers, and footers. - Create and print custom labels and PDFs. - Work with documents while on the go. - And so much more...

    10.13.6 vers.5.4-Docs²-xMk31q.dmg [26953 kb]
    iMac Pro PELD_vers.5.3_Docs².tar.gz [23930 kb]

    Docs Squared, LLC
    Key list Docs²

    Featured 10.12.6 v.1.2_jCycle_Stack_sU2.zip {2293 kb} 1.3
    for 10.11.5 0.6.Screenshot.Maker.E6X.zip {240 kb} 0.5

    | 27709 kbytes | Download vers.6.0 Docs² 3kCr 7.0 Updated to Mojave
    | 26953 kbytes | Free 3DMNR VER. 7.0 DOCS² 5.4 Version to High Sierra
    | 24434 kbytes | Get IasUnI ver. 6.0 Docs² 5.1 Recomended MacOS
    | 28212 kbytes | Get Rm55rF 5.3 Docs² 6.0 El Captan

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